I've created an online course that will teach you how to properly use your massage gun. This training will aid in your pain relief or athletic recovery right from the start. Imagine having the tools and also knowing how to use them properly - let's make that a reality.

The two biggest mistakes made with a massage gun and how to fix them.

Fill out your information below and let me help you feel better and move better.

The Basic Package

Online Course

The Essential 20 video online course. Watch our twenty most popular and sought-after protocols for different pain points on your body, including neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees and feet.

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Premium Package

Course + Bonus

Get the Essential 20 videos and an additional 50 Videos, including full upper and lower body protocols and our bonus partner videos. You'll learn how to help one another with the neck, lower back, and shoulders. You also get exclusive access to private Facebook group with Dr. Todd. The group features new content, discussions, live trainings, Q&A, discounts for future training and free updates.

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One-on-One Coaching

Individual or Small Group Coaching

Exclusive private session with Dr. Todd Plutchok for virtual training. Get Real-time instruction, customized for your needs and questions.

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"Just like a new set of golf clubs, you can’t use a massage gun well without proper training. My courses will fill that gap, and you’ll be a pro."

I'm Todd

Dr. Todd Plutchok empowers and educates athletes through manual and movement therapy. Over his decade-long career, he has become a trusted partner among those who share his passion for achieving peak performance. He loves helping others see the benefits of movement therapy and how it fits into the world of fitness and health. As a third-generation healthcare professional, he understands how to communicate complex concepts into practical advice that sticks with his patients for years to come. 
He started as an asthmatic kid who could only play goalie. Then he became a Four Sport Letterman in high school and Division 1 NCAA college football player. He knows what it takes to make it to the top—nothing brings him more joy than helping others on that same journey.
By understanding what it takes to reach top performance, Dr. Todd pairs innovative research to his practice in chiropractic, active release technique, fascial distortion model, fascial movement taping, IASTM rock blades, myofascial meridians, primal movement, quantum neurology rehabilitation, and rapid release therapy.